Your Social Presence Is Being Evaluated

Sep 14, 2020 1:49:00 PM · by David Kushan

Five years ago, an employer would review your résumé and, if they liked what they saw, they would invite you to an interview. However, for many employers today, liking your résumé  is just the first step.


The world of hiring is changing. Hiring managers increasingly report that they go to social media to find out more about an individual who’s submitted a résumé for a position.


And I’m not referring to checking out someone’s social accounts to see if they have any “red flags” that might cause hesitation when it comes to hiring them. No, this is something entirely different . . .


There are conversations taking place online everyday. LinkedIn is the most popular and respected site for professionals. Most people I know either go to LinkedIn to look for jobs or to read relevant industry articles.

Candidates whom I’ve hired directly at Healthcare IS first caught my attention via comments they made or articles they posted on LinkedIn. I felt I was getting a sense of who they were just by observing their contributions on the site. I can also tell you that our clients are also doing the same.


Hiring managers are seeking to learn more about candidates’ professional backgrounds. Have they given any presentations that demonstrate industry expertise? Have they participated in conversations that reveal helpful insights?


Those who have done the above are beginning to stand out over those who have not.


If an organization’s leader is deciding between two candidates to interview, and one has a professional online presence that includes sharing thoughtful information or demonstrating subject-matter expertise on topics the leader is looking for, then that person will have a significant advantage in terms of securing an interview.


It’s not easy and it takes practice and persistence, but begin to take small steps to get yourself known within circles that can positively impact you professionally.


It’s time to use social media to share your expertise as well as demonstrate your value to relevant organizations.

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