Healthcare IS specializes in recruitment for Federally Qualified Health Centers, dedicated to sourcing and placing top talent in local health clinics. Our mission is to empower community health services by providing skilled professionals who are committed to healthcare excellence

The demand for FQHC resources is crucial and significant!


Our team of professionals, experienced in FQHC environments, combines deep knowledge with precise attention to detail. We provide specialized expertise in the following areas for Federally Qualified Health Centers:

Coders and Billers

If you're in search of meticulous professionals who guarantee accuracy and compliance in healthcare billing, consider our skilled Medical Coders and Billers.

Clinical Staffing

For clinical staffing needs, if you're seeking dedicated healthcare professionals who ensure precision and adherence to regulatory standards, explore our team of skilled clinicians and medical staff.


For FQHC leadership recruitment, if you're seeking dynamic leaders who prioritize compliance and excellence in healthcare management, consider our experienced and community-driven executive team.

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