Two Reasons Why Hiring Is Not Going To Get Any Easier

Sep 11, 2012 9:00:00 PM · by David Kushan

In past posts, I've made reference to some of the many articles publicizing shortages that currently exist, and will persist, in finding and hiring specialized skills within the Healthcare IT/Informatics market.

When people begin looking for new positions, they evaluate six main areas to determine if a job is best for them. Clearly, each of these areas has a different level of importance for each person. Every organization in the marketplace must decide what they can and want to offer prospective candidates and make necessary adjustments to make these positions within their organizations as appealing as possible. These six different areas are:

  • Challenge
  • Location
  • Advancement
  • Money
  • People
  • Security

 For a more elaborate description of each category, take a moment to view an early post.

However, there are two major factors in today’s marketplace that make it more difficult for organizations to attract people. The first of the two categories that’s dramatically affected is . . .


There are many candidates who thrive on challenge. For a certain category of people, this is one of the biggest motivators. You can tell who these people are very easily by looking at their résumés. These are the people who love to participate in a major implementation or upgrade and, once the project is complete, actively seek out the next challenge. If their current organization doesn’t have a new project lined up, and your organization does, then your organization has a good chance of attracting that person. However, in today’s marketplace, even though your organization is going through a new install or major upgrade to qualify for Meaningful Use, guess what? So is everyone else. So, unfortunately, because of all of the activity in the marketplace, your organization’s big project may not provide the same level of attraction today that it did a year or two ago.

The second category is . . .


Due to the limited number of Healthcare IT/Informatics people in any one geographical area (that are within daily commute distance), many organizations find it necessary to relocate new employees for many positions that require unique skill sets. If your organization were located in an area considered desirable by many people, then you had an edge when competing with other organizations for “hard to find” candidates. A CBS News article stated that up to 23% of people have mortgages that are more than their house can be sold for today. It doesn’t appear that this mortgage issue will be solved in the short term. As a result, organizations accustomed to finding people from outside of their area are going to be dealing with smaller and smaller talent pools.

These two issues alone have heavily reduced the number of people who will consider a job change at this time. This is only putting more pressure on organizations to work outside of the box in figuring out ways to be attractive to potential job seekers.

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