Top 5 Reasons to Blog About Health IT

Aug 1, 2012 9:00:00 PM · by Ashley Wetmore

The concept of blogging is nothing new but as the application process turns digital and fewer and fewer paper resumes are passed around.. One thing is for sure, taking advantage of the electronic era can only further your candidacy for the job you want.

You're Creating A Personal Brand

When you sit down in an interview you typically have a 60 minute window to prove that you can indeed produce the same results that appear on your resume. Instead of memorizing specific cases that support your bulleted lists, or sweating last minute fluff you might have thrown in, why not have running documentation in one easy to find place. Imagine being offered an interview instead of requesting one. What if the questions asked could be about an experience that you know and love?

Become A Keyword Search

Also part of branding, you can utilize your name as a keyword. Owning a domain with your very own name gives your blog a signature. Google is a powerful research tool. Instead of a potentially harmful Facebook profile picture showing up under your results, why not an active blog that shows your expertise and participation in online community discussions?

Networking Made Easy

When you blog and share information on social networks you’re bound to run into opinion leaders and participants online. You have the ability to look to their blog for information and ideas. A few links and comment conversation later and you’ve made a connection. This is someone you can collaborate with later, seek information from, or help with a tough topic in your area of expertise. That connection may lead to a job offer, recommendation or an even wider audience reach.

Demonstrate Your Skills

When you spend time every week posting articles you’ve written on Pharmacy Informatics and Hospital Information systems you become an expert. Your topics might be well known or understood in the beginning, but as you continue to blog your experience, you zone in on niche topics that can save your readers time and energy. At this point you can add problem solver, critical thinker, and blogger to your resume.

Learn While You Blog

What’s one of the excellent aspects of blogging? Eventually you’re going to hit a wall. At this point you’ve blogged about all your comfortable topics that you could explain in your sleep. What do you do now? LEARN. Blogging is going to push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to learn about new technologies developing, government regulations, and up and coming projects.

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