Time And Expense Apps That Can Save Consultants A Headache

Feb 5, 2013 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

As a traveling consultant, your job description contains more duties more than just your Health IT project. Working independently or for a firm means that you need to be tracking your own hours and recording your own expenses. Finding a rhythm to staying organized takes time, but with these helpful apps you may find that tracking, and exporting a time and expense report, may be as simple as a few taps on your phone or tablet.

TDF Tracker is a time, expense, and mileage tracking application by Technical Data Freeway Inc. Although there is no free version to try out, reviews place it at 4.5 stars on average.

Cube Time & Expense Tracker starts you off on a free version of the Pro app. Once you explore the basic functionality and upgrade features, you can choose to purchase the full app.

Both apps come at the price of $9.99, but you are able to try a free (limited) version of Cube Time & Expense Tracker.

For more in-depth descriptions, read the iTunes profiles below or follow the links. 

iTunes Preview: 

TDF Tracker – Time, Expense and Mileage Tracking


By Technical Data Freeway, Inc.


TDF Tracker is an easy to use, powerful tool for those who need to keep track of time/expenses/mileage. Potential users include consultants, lawyers, accountants, contractors and freelance designers — but can include anyone needing a flexible tool for tracking such items. While you could buy one app as a tracker for billable time, another as a mileage reimbursement log, and yet another for reimbursable expense record keeping — if you are looking for the simplicity of one combined application to truly save you time, then TDF Tracker is the perfect choice.

• intuitive interface makes it easy to be up and going quickly
• quick entry of client, project, and task (time)/type (expense)/purpose (mileage) 
• quick time entry — can be entered using the timer or manually entered/adjusted
• flexible timing increments
• basic time tracking by duration or more advanced tracking that includes start/end/break
• single or multiple running timers
• along with time, you can easily track business expenses and mileage for reimbursement
• supports both miles and kilometers
• support for multiple currencies (Dollar, Pound, Euro, Yen, etc.)
• add notes to any entry
• daily summary visible on main screen
• quick and easy reporting system
• daily, weekly, monthly and custom reports
• reports can be filtered by client/project
• detailed reports can be emailed — in a format that allows pasting into Excel
• reports can also be included as csv attachments
• backup/restore your database to Dropbox/WebDAV Server
• backup/restore you database via email (requires iOS 3.2 or higher)
• supports TextExpander touch snippet expansion


iTunes Preview:

Cube Time & Expense Tracker


By bitrzr, LDA


Featured on Forbes” “Must-Have iPad Apps For Professionals”

Your company uses Google Apps? Are you freelancer with a GMail, Yahoo or AOL account? Time is money — so we built an app where you can start tracking your time and expenses in less than 15 seconds!

▪ No new passwords, usernames or registration required — login securely with your existing Google, Google Apps, Yahoo or AOL account
▪ Report and track your time, expenses and mileage on the move
▪ Great looking charts
▪ Ultimate peace of mind: with Cloud Sync enabled, all data is instantly synced online
▪ iPad and iPhone universal app

Cube is a fully featured app:
▪ Gorgeous charts - chart your time and expenses by day, week, month, or quarter, grouped by project, client, or tags
▪ All data is searchable by pulling down the lists, and Tags help you navigate your data and quickly identify items
▪ Configurable cost and tax rates — configure the hourly work cost for multiple periods of time, and define tax rates for your expenses
▪ Record and share important events with your team, track mileage
▪ Timer to track your time — the timer keeps running even if you exit Cube or switch to another app

The Pro version, available as an in-app purchase, also includes:
▪ Standalone mode — doesn't require an internet connection or any service subscription
▪ Continue working offline, changes will be synced next time you are online
▪ Keep an eye on the project's total income and gross profit
▪ Export data as a CSV or Excel spreadsheet - open it in apps like Numbers, send it by email or to iTunes to open it in Microsoft Excel
▪ PDF Reports — create great looking PDF reports right on your iPhone or iPad, share them by email, or print them directly using AirPrint
▪ Quick overview of project, task, and client current running hours, expenses and total cost
▪ Notifications to fill in your timesheet or when you have tasks due today

Cloud Sync and Cube Anywhere Subscriptions
▪ The Cloud Sync (5.99 USD/month) and Cube Anywhere (8.99 USD/month) subscriptions makes it easy to backup your data wirelessly and safely to the Google Cloud and to synchronize it with multiple devices. 
▪ No new passwords, usernames or registration required — Cloud Sync uses your existing Google, Google Apps, Yahoo or AOL account.
▪ The subscriptions auto-renew automatically each month and you can manage them directly from Settings on your device. The subscriptions use your existing iTunes account so you do not have to enter any credit card data.

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*Disclaimer: Healthcare IS is not affiliated with this product and therefore unbaised. This article is merely a presentation of what is available and not a promotion.

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