The Most Dangerous Health IT Trends: Insights from 8 Execs

Aug 31, 2020 9:00:00 AM · by David Kushan

A recent article at Becker's Hospital Review interviewed several Healthcare IT executives to get their opinions on dangerous trends occurring within the Health IT space. Their opinions are listed below.


Use these to consider where the market may be headed and how to best navigate your career.


  1. Health IT continues to lag behind other industries in embracing new technologies.


  1. CIOs continue to assume a return to traditional work norms, even in the midst of a pandemic.


  1. Organizations have a tendency to overlook data security in a larger pursuit of innovation.


  1. Legacy medical devices continue to use outdated software, creating ongoing security vulnerabilities.


  1. Organizations are experiencing an increasing demand to integrate clinical data without a national patient ID.


  1. Senior executives believe that providers can cut IT staff, even though they don’t completely understand the ramifications.


  1. Government continues to over-regulate patient data-sharing.


  1. Organizations’ security budgets are not being reviewed and adjusted as more people work remotely.


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