Strengths and Challenges of Employing Data Science in Healthcare

Jan 26, 2021 3:11:00 PM · by David Kushan

The healthcare data analytics market has been evolving for some time. But we’ve hit a tipping point: The amount of hiring in these spaces is growing at a faster pace than at any other time in the past decade. And projections are for continued growth.


According to Global Market Insights, the healthcare analytics market size is expected to grow by 12.6% by 2025. The prescriptive analytics sector will grow by 15.8%.


Big strides are being made in identifying preventable illnesses.


Employing big data in healthcare . . .


- Allows doctors to create comprehensive patient profiles.

- Offers instant identification of patterns in treatment outcomes.

- Enhances patient satisfaction.

- Facilitates hospital administrative workflows.

- Optimizes medical procedures by increasing care efficiency.

- Enables the medical industry to be more cost-effective.


In particular, the following could inhibit processing and analyzing big data in healthcare:


- The shortage of IT professionals with relevant expertise

- Data integrity issues

- Ensuring data safety

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