Retaining Your Most Valuable People

Nov 10, 2020 12:00:00 AM · by David Kushan

Building a team requires more than just identifying and hiring the right people. Leaders have to integrate those people into their teams, provide ongoing training, and create and maintain an environment that people want to be a part of.


After taking what could be six months to a year to get a new team member to top performance levels, having them leave would be a devastating loss.


In order to prevent this from happening — or at least minimize its occurrence — leaders must be aware of certain indicators that an employee is becoming disengaged from their job and/or their organization.


These signs can offer leaders clues that they should reach out to a team member regarding what may be affecting them.


With so many people working from home, many of these signs may not be easily identified.


A study mentioned by Harvard Business Review identified signs that indicate a high probability of employee departure within 12 months’ time. In general, the study found, employees had . . .


  1. Lower levels of productivity.
  2. Exhibited less of a team-player attitude.
  3. Been doing the minimum amount of work.
  4. Been less interested in pleasing their manager.
  5. Been less willing to commit to long-term timelines.
  6. Displayed a negative change in attitude.
  7. Demonstrated less effort and work motivation.
  8. Exhibited less focus on job-related matters.
  9. Conveyed dissatisfaction with their current job more often.
  10. Expressed discontent with their supervisor more frequently.
  11. Left early from work more regularly.
  12. Lost enthusiasm for the organization’s mission.
  13. Displayed less interest in working with customers.


Here’s my advice for leaders: You made an investment in people. Now do what’s necessary to protect that investment.


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