Prove It or Lose It!

Jul 12, 2012 9:00:00 PM · by Ashley Wetmore

In today's healthcare IT job market standing out in a file of submitted resumes can be a challenge. With an abundance of resumes sent every day, consultants are finding the "thank you, but no thank you" response to be an unfortunate loyal visitor to their inbox.  Inevitably, after weeks of job hunting and hopeful submittals, your frustration builds and begins to chip away at your motivation.

When there's such a high index of applicants, you need to set yourself apart. Ditch the conventional and create something worth submitting, worth reviewing, and most importantly worth following up on!

Keep in mind what employers want to see.  Relevant experience is a given but consider differentiating yourself with the following examples:

  • Advancement and growth as a Cerner Pharmnet Builder
  • List your different positions within Health IT to show your growth and value in past projects
  • Increased workflow and saved time and resources
  • Increased efficiencies or system data exchange 
  • Improved architectural standards required to manipulate data for interoperability 
  • Effective electronic health record implementation
  • Include projects you were a part of when the end result was an increase in patient safety

These days hiring managers in health IT want the experience with a side of industry savvy intellect. Make sure you have a background rich in innovative thinking and leadership qualities.

It's important to thoroughly read through the description and think of how your past experience in projects relates to each point they make. You should be able to provide specific examples of success.

If you've worked in the field for any period of time you most likely have built relationships with tenured individuals. Ask them to take a look at your resume.  If you're new to the field work with your professors or mentors to get your resume ship shape.

Recruitment firms can also offer you tips with an insider touch.  An often overlooked resource, recruitment firms deal with the subject every day. They can help you get on the right path while putting you in touch with companies in your industry. You're worth more than you know; why not let an expert in your field help show you why?

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