Optimizing LinkedIn as a Job Seeker

Jul 9, 2013 12:00:00 AM · by David Kushan

The May 2013 issue of Inc. magazine featured an infographic (on page 24) concerning trends in big company hiring. 

Specific references were made to the fact that, for most companies that are hiring, online “job boards” are not producing the results they used to. When it comes to hiring online, employers need to be where the employees are. At the dawn of Internet recruiting in the late ’90s, people looking for jobs would regularly go to job boards or would post their résumés online when they were open to hearing about job opportunities. 

According to Aberdeen Group, 50% of the most successful companies with high retention rates decreased their investment in job boards last year.

Bullhorn states that 98% of recruiters use LinkedIn, 42% use Twitter, and 33% use Facebook to find employees. However, only 38% of employees have used LinkedIn to find work, while 34% have used Twitter and 52% have used Facebook.

There was no data given regarding specific industries.

What I find interesting is the fact that 98% of recruiters say they use LinkedIn to find employees, but only 38% of employees use it to find work. What the article didn’t discuss is whether or not the percentage of employees using LinkedIn to find work is on the rise or decline.

So, let’s assume that usage by employees is actually increasing. This means that a large percentage of people have not yet adopted LinkedIn as a tool for a job search, and even though 38% of employees are using it, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re using it optimally as a social networking tool. I’d venture to say that most people using it are simply creating a profile for themselves that’s nothing more than a traditional résumé.

Can you share your tips on how you are optimizing your usage of LinkedIn?

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