How to Rank Your Job Satisfaction

Nov 26, 2014 12:00:00 AM · by Healthcare IS Team

When it comes to making a career move, everyone’s motivation is different.

But all motivations fall within one or more of the categories below. Take a look and rank your satisfaction in each category on a scale of 1-5 (assign a description to the number: 1 = poor; 5 = couldn’t be better) to determine your motivation.

Challenge: Are you challenged in your current position? Are you learning new technology? Building your resume? Possibly too challenged? Falling further and further behind on a daily basis/not able to keep up? Doing the job of three people (two who have been let go and never replaced)?

Location: Do you like where you live? Do you want to move? Does your family want to move? Is your commute unbearable? Is travel too much? Is travel too inconvenient? 

Advancement: Do you have any opportunity for advancement in your current position? When? Is the opportunity realistic? Who else has a chance for that position? Do you want that position? 

Money: Are you being compensated fairly? Earning bonuses? Are your bonus goals realistic? What’s the income potential in your current position? Will your income realistically increase in the next few years? Have you been promoted or taken on additional responsibilities without an increase in pay?

People: How do you feel about the people with whom you work? What’s the company culture like? Do you get along well with your boss and share the same goals? 

Security: Do you feel you’re in a stable environment? Is there a possibility that the company will be acquired in the near future? What would this mean to you?


If you rank below a 3 in three or more of these areas, it’s definitely time to start looking for something new.  

If you’re a 1 in two or more areas, update your résumé and start getting it out there. 

If you’re above a 3 in most, consider yourself lucky and start recruiting new people to come work for your company! 

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