How To Prepare For A Hard Interview

Sep 24, 2014 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

7 Hard Hitting Interview Questions for Consultants

A while back we turned to Twitter & Facebook and asked our followers to share with us their worst interview questions. We ended up some pretty funny responses. When it comes down to it, we've all had some ridiculous interview questions thrown our way. What helps us to address these odd ball topics and hard hitting questions is simple. Preparation. In an attempt to share what we know here  at Healthcare IS we put together the following questions that we come across and advice on how to thoughtfully answer them.

How do your past contracts relate to the project we are hiring for?

When asked a question that provides an opportunity to relate your past experience with projects that your interviewing for think of any and every way possible to compare.

  • Systems
  • Organizations
  • Management
  • Contract Length
  • Budget
  • Travel

Give us a situation where you were able to exercise your problem solving skills to the best of your ability.

This should be a scenario that you have thought through and through. Every day we face challenges small and large. Some of these instances are significant enough to set your skills aside and prove that you can think on your toes and help the organization reach a solution efficiently and based on experience. As a consultant your background will provide you with unique experience and challenges that an average healthcare IT professional may not face. Consider keeping a journal in a word document with daily, weekly or monthly accomplishments as a reminder for future reference.

Do you view mistakes as an opportunity or a challenge?

Questions like these draw on a candidates positivity and rationalism. You want to show your perspective employer that you are able to keep a positive attitude without ignoring the problem at hand. In truth, we all make mistakes. That’s life and it happens. What’s important is what you can take away from it.

Is it an opportunity? Yes. An opportunity to learn and move forward as a better educated individual.

Is it a challenge? Yes. A challenge to take the most away from your mistakes and work to be a greater It professional and individual.

What’s your initial reaction to being assigned a task that you haven’t undertaken previously?

We all have comfort zones. How willing are you to leave yours? When you take on a new job do you look forward to new training? Or do you prefer to put your head down and stick to what you know?

In the world of health information technology, things are constantly in motion. We are seeing innovations in mobile devices, improvements in systems that can take our healthcare systems to the next level, and applications that are bringing patients and providers closer.

Although sometimes we may not want to step outside of what we know, keep in mind that any opportunity to master something new only increases your knowledge as an expert while making you indispensable.

How do you handle criticism?

No one likes it. No one wants it. Most of us turn our listening to auto-pilot, but the truth of the matter is criticism is one of the greatest pieces of advice anyone can offer us. It might not always seem that way when you’re feeling attacked or defeated but you have an opportunity to overcome and improve. In the end, if you’re receptive, you can learn how to accomplish tasks with a range of possibilities and walk away with a tougher skin.

Try to keep an open mind to criticism. If you can make it a habit you might find that you’re no longer upset and begin taking it as a free professional consultation.

When working in a team do you prefer to lead or follow?

Questions like these show your prospective employer who you are in a team setting. Be honest, if you like to lead give examples from your background that prove your leadership and management experience. If you like to work more in a collaborative environment, explain the value in joining forces with individuals to bring a project through to completion.

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