Health IT Contracting is a Business of People

Dec 23, 2014 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

In Pharmacy Informatics consulting, regardless of your implementation experience, if no one knows what you’re capable of, you might as well be invisible. It’s important to be known and trusted for your skills by securing your place on shortlists and learning how to manage your relationships in ways that gain loyalty and respect.

Job security is about whom you know. Commonly, we associate job security with the idea that we’re working for a company or firm that has a strong financial platform and continues to do well in the market. If we’ve learned anything from the housing crash of 2008, and even further back to the dot-com crash, it’s that career security, for many people, comes down to whom you know rather than how indispensable you consider your skill set.

Networking allows you to depend on known relationships rather than gamble on people you’ve never met. The shortlist is a key component to every good hiring manager’s process. It helps them establish and maintain relationships with compatible candidates within the industry. By incorporating the practice of networking into your independent-contractor business model, you’ll frequently find yourself on these lists, and as a result you’ll receive many opportunities firsthand before they go public.

The world of networking is a two-way street. When times are good don’t forget about the relationships that can help you when things get tough. Consistently growing your professional network is important, but you never want to neglect the relationships you already have. Strengthen your loyalties by keeping in touch with these people and helping out where you can when the absence of self-interest is obvious.

By keeping connected and proving your skills and abilities not only as an expert but also as a likable professional, you can guarantee that people will think of you first.

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