Get Rid Of Your Luggage Problems Once & For All

Apr 30, 2013 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

As a follow up to the post,  The Minimalist Guide To Packing Light, this week we’re giving you a review on luggage brands and taking a look at what other travelers have found to be the best of breed brands. Working as a traveling consultant you need the best bag for the job. Take a look at what we have found to be popular among frequent flyers.

 The Public Speaker

Michael Hyatt is a public speaker who travels far and wide for engagements. Because he travels so frequently he has come across many situations that may trouble the average traveler when it comes to luggage. In a blog post, How I Use a Single Carry-On Bag to Travel Lighter, Michael shows his readers how me manages to pack his trip in a carry-on bag. This bag is an Eagle Creek Travel Gear Tarmac 22 Carry-on. The bag has many convenient compartments for storing shoes and documents.

 The Flight Crew

Across the board it seems that the Travelpro’s  Crew bag is a top choice for flight crews. The brand offers a durable and versatile design as seen in the video below.

Reviews can be found here:

The Travel Channel

The name should give credit to recommendations made on their website. The Travel Channel, as well as other travel blogs like , gave the brand Briggs & Riley outstanding reviews,

“Briggs & Riley bags are true workhorses, ready for regular and hard use. One of the best things about them IMO is their fabric—reviews say it is very water repellant. Very helpful if you travel a lot during winter.” –

What brands do you pref

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