Formula for success

Dec 17, 2020 3:46:00 PM · by David Kushan

New Year’s is a time when we put goals and resolutions in place. But resolutions tend to fade away and, ultimately, fail. Instead, it’s important to sit down and focus on just a few areas that you’re absolutely committed to improving.


I read a concept the other day and loved it, so I wanted to share. It’s nothing new, but it was broken down in a way that I thought many people can relate to and benefit from.


It talked about how “research shows that both motivation and hope stem from the combination of a clear, desired outcome, the belief that you can succeed, and a path to get there.”


This demonstrates why it’s so important to have your goals, or desired outcomes, in place — along with a plan to achieve them. Look to your past success to provide you with the confidence necessary to execute your plan every day.


Having your goals, a plan, and confidence, you’ll find yourself beginning each day with the motivation and hope to get you there! When you have this in place, you will succeed!

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