Ep 22 - Projecting Demand for Your Skills

Jun 5, 2014 2:11:00 PM · by David Kushan

When looking to get into a new marketplace in which you think there will be high demand, you'll want to consider a few factors:

• How difficult will it be to break into the new market?

• How long will demand last?

• Will you be better off than if you were to remain in your current market?

If you're going to move out of a market in which you've worked for the last five to ten years, make sure you're not going to a market that will be hot for a couple of years and then cool off. You certainly don’t want to give up your highly tenured skill set in a market that may have slow to mild growth in exchange for being a much less experienced candidate in a market that may explode in growth for a couple of years, only to fizzle out because it was a trend.

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