Do you like travel and variety in your work?

Apr 16, 2015 9:00:00 AM · by David Kushan

HealthcareIS-Blog_Apr16Most people don’t like change. At the same time, most people don’t like to perform the same mundane tasks day after day, week after week. This paradox can be challenging for the pharmacy IT/pharmacy informatics professional, or for any professional for that matter. 

At some point in people’s careers, they’re rewarded for their knowledge and skills, and how the two bring value to their organization. However, at some point most professionals will grow tired of doing the same tasks for the same departments and working with the same team over an extended period of time. So, how do you continue to use your skills and knowledge so that you’re compensated an amount to which you’re accustomed, while at the same time positioning yourself for a variety of work in order to keep things interesting?

Many people have made a career change by joining a consulting firm. Such a firm can send them on projects that utilize their skills and expertise to assist organizations.

Many of these people have found that they enjoy doing the same type of project — if they’re also finding variety doing it for different organizations. This allows them to continually work in their area of expertise. By doing so, they’re not only able to maintain (if not increase) their income, because they’re doing work in their area of specialty, but also to enhance the value of their background by adding additional organizations to those for which they’ve provided their expertise.

These people don’t necessarily look for variety in the work they perform. They know that by staying within their sweet spot — and gaining additional experience and clients — they’ll increase their potential compensation and marketability.

These people get their variety from being in a new city, at a new organization, and with a new team. They understand that even though it’s the same work and the same type of project, really no two projects ever require the exact same work.

By joining a consulting firm that truly specializes in providing services within the area of your knowledge and expertise, you can find yourself in a situation where you’re able to change what you’re doing enough, every 90 to 180 days, to keep yourself satisfied without having to drastically change the type of work itself. And by continuing to do what you do so well, your compensation can stay at its current level, if not increase.

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