But How Do Your Candidates Feel About You?

Nov 26, 2020 9:48:00 AM · by David Kushan

During a typical hiring process, organizations tend to see things through their own eyes.


What I mean by this is that they rarely stop to consider what candidates think about them.


Imagine you’re a leader conducting interviews for a new opening. Your candidates have gone through multiple interviews, and you’re seriously considering a few of them.


But have you told any of them where you are in the process or are you thinking only about what’s in front of you?


Far too often, leaders don’t consider this process from the candidate’s perspective.


What do they think of you and your organization?


What gave them these opinions, and what could you learn from them if they had the means to provide you with anonymous feedback?


The key here is that, at some point, you must ask the people you’re interviewing if you’re describing yourself and your organization in a manner that makes them want to join your team.


Without a global process that incorporates such evaluation, you’ll either lose out on top talent or be left with only those candidates who have no other options.

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