Airport Travel Tips For Air Warriors

Jan 1, 2015 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

Anyone can tell you that getting to the airport early is a key factor in experiencing airport success. At time’s though this may not always be possible. If you find yourself in this predicament often, think about some solutions that might help you get through to the gate a little faster than the average traveler. I’ve listed a few suggestions below that can grease your security wheels and shave some time off your gate race.

 Pack Your Carry-On With Security Access In Mind

 Security regulations today require you to have things in order when you step up to the screening belt with your bin. The first thing you will need to do is pull out your laptop and tablet to be scanned. Most airports will ask you to remove your computer from any sleeve or case to be scanned. When packing up for the airport I like to place my laptop in the largest compartment of my carry on so that it’s easily accessible and resting at the top of my bag. I leave the sleeve that normally protects it off and resting just beneath it, this way I can quickly open my bag place my computer in its own bin and move forward. Once I reach the other side I can simply slip my laptop into its protective case that’s resting at the top of my bag and be out of the way in no time.


Organize Your Travel Documents

Often times when I check into my flight I cram my paperwork and Identification into the first open pocket of my briefcase or my carry on once it’s handed back.  Although it’s the fastest way to get out of line and start moving towards the security line, it tends to lead to a scramble once you need to pull it out again and everything is scattered. After a few mishaps at the airport I’ve learned that it’s easiest just to keep my wallet in hand with all of my travel documents safely held in the center next to my I.D. this way I can just flip open my wallet and everything I need for my final check is available to the security officer as well as the gate attendant.  

Keep Accessories To A Minimum

With everything that must be removed at the security check, everyone should learn to be a bit of a minimalist. Accessories complete our professional attire but save them for once you land. By  using your carry on to house things like belts, watches, jewelry and any other metal objects that may need to be removed before making your way through the metal detector, you can save time trying to remove 25% of what you're wearing. Also, consider slip on dress shoes for days of travel.

ID Substitution

Life happens and sometimes it leaves us without any photo identification. Whether you were in a rush to pack up or just plain lost it. Once you arrive at the airport there’s not much you can do about it. The best thing to do at this point is to calmly explain to the attendee behind the counter that you do not have your ID and they will work with you to use other forms of identification with some extra screening to get you on your flight. Other forms of identification may include a costco card, prescriptions, health insurance card, and things of this nature. They must also all be up-to-date.

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