4 Career Advantages of LinkedIn Groups

May 19, 2015 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

LinkedIn Ranking

When you belong to a LinkedIn Group and participate on a regular basis, your profile views are going to increase. As a result, your ranking score is going to rise above the scores of others in your network who are searching for the same contracts.



Joining a group gives you direct access to a much larger network within a niche space.  By joining a group, you are easily able to connect with professionals who have a group in common.



Oftentimes, recruiters and firms are looking to get a job order filled PRONTO! One of the first things a social media-savvy professional is going to do is share that position with the most active job-seeking professionals — those of us on LinkedIn!

Industry Insight

Among all of the benefits listed above, you have an opportunity to communicate with people outside of your organization about their experience with certain aspects of our industry. There is a vast amount of knowledge between the thousands of professional who work in Health IT. 

Join the Healthcare IT Trends Group and start taking advantage of this career-levitating tool!


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