4 Apps Every Traveling Consultant Should Consider

Dec 11, 2012 12:00:00 AM · by Ashley Wetmore

Working as a traveling consultant has a lot of upsides but one of the biggest downsides is being away from your family. Our consultants have found some pretty creative ways to connect while away from home. Some of them documenting their trips with a lovable family stuffed animal and others who prerecord bedtime stories for their children. 

There are hundreds of creative ways to stay connected with family and friends but there is one way to stay connected and still have that face time that makes the world feel a tad bit smaller. 

As we know technology is ever growing. Who would have thought, looking back to the bricks we used to call mobile phones, that we’d soon be texting, chatting, or video calling? 

Check out these great apps that allow you to connect in a way that brings you into your family’s living room. 


Skype is the most widely known application for video chat. Recently acquired by Microsoft, Skype is the big dog in the yard. Skype is easy for most users and since 2010 you are now able to have up to 10 people join one video call. Check out the feature below to learn if Skype is for you!

  • Free video calls for two people
  • Up to ten people on a video call if you have a Premium Account
  • Easy to use
  • Mobile to Mobile
  • Mobile to PC
  • Mobile to Tablet
  • PC to PC

Google+ Hangout 

Google+ Hangout makes video calling feel much like its name, with fun features that can let you wear a pirate hat or even present a virtual birthday cake. It’s easy to use and if you’re already a member of Google+ you’re signed up and ready to go! Both parties do need to be logged in to their Google account.

  • Free
  • Up to 10 people free of charge.
  • Record the call to have it available on YouTube
  • Mobile to Mobile
  • Mobile to PC
  • Mobile to Tablet
  • PC to PC


Tango is a great app to have on the go. Its mobile application allows you to contact any fellow Tango members at the push of a button. The app lets you reach your loved ones the same way a regular call would. Without being logged in and scheduled for a call you can surprise anyone with a random video chat from the plane, on your lunch break or at your hotel.

  • Free
  • Only two people
  • No one needs to be logged in on their phone because it connects like a call and even has a ring.
  • Video call, Voice call, Video Voicemail are all available.
  • Fun features for kids – tango surprises
  • Front and back camera switch
  • Mobile to mobile
  • Mobile to tablet or iPad
  • Mobile to PC but not with Mac
  • PC to PC


ooVoo allows you to easily connect, record and save those special moments. Its interface is a little more complicated than the applications listed above but it gives you a side by side view of your call.

  • Free
  • Up to 4 people on video call
  • Record the call
  • Don’t have to be a member to receive a call
  • Mobile to mobile
  • Mobile to PC & Mac
  • Mobile to tablet

We hope you find these apps fun and helpful! If you have any other apps you recommend or have used the apps listed above and would like to rate them for other readers, please feel free to do so in the comment area below! 

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