Partners in Strategy

Companies that succeed in the 21st century need to be more agile and innovative. To be competitive, you must focus on heart of your business and your core strengths while partnering with subject matter experts and experienced professionals as required. Let us be that partner.

Healthcare IT Staffing Services Healthcare IS

Healthcare IT Staffing

As a healthcare leader, one of your critical responsibilities is to assign the appropriate resources to each of your projects. For example, your organization may be converting to a new system and need “new application” implementation support and also “legacy system” maintenance support. You have identified the resources required to meet the project objective and timeline. After assigning existing staff and vendor support to the project, a staffing gap analysis has identified specific additional resource needs. Leveraging outside expertise for these types of projects ensures that you meet the project objectives and timelines. Let us be that partner.

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Healthcare Consulting Services Healthcare IS

Consulting Services

Healthcare is a world of continual change, enhancements, and adaptation. Healthcare organizations are under pressure to meet patient care objectives/outcomes while growing a cost-effective, sustainable business model. Your organization has tremendous expertise in managing the care of patients, but certain initiatives require additional Subject Matter Expertise to support the delivery of key initiatives critical to your business. A subject-matter expert (SME) is a person who is an authority in a particular area or topic. Matching the right SMEs with the project initiative ensures that the business results are realized. Let us be that partner.

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Finding a Consultant Services Healthcare IS

Find a Consultant

You have defined a need to bring on additional resources to support a project and have clearly defined the requirements of the position(s). The next step in the process of sourcing these critical resources is to work with a firm that truly understands your needs and the capabilities of their consultants through systems to match the “right consultant” with the “right project”. This system provides a limited number of qualified candidates for your team to review. Once the consultant is selected and assigned to the project, collaboration with our firm continues through the duration of the engagement(s) and future initiatives. Let us be that partner.

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