Medical Coder and Biller - Fresno, CA

HealthcareIS would like to introduce you to a career advancement opportunity. We work with some of the top healthcare companies in the world, enhancing careers for highly motivated individuals.

We are seeking experienced individuals to contribute their coding and billing expertise to one of our healthcare clients in Fresno Please review the two positions and apply if you feel you would be a good fit.

Medical Coding Specialist

Position Summary: As a Medical Coding Specialist, you will be responsible for accurately assigning medical codes to diagnoses and procedures for billing and insurance purposes. You will play a crucial role in ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and maximizing revenue for our organization.

Key Responsibilities for the Medical Coding Specialist:

  1. Assign appropriate medical codes to diagnoses, procedures, and services according to ICD and CPT coding guidelines.
  2. Review medical records and encounter forms to ensure accurate code assignment.
  3. Work closely with healthcare providers to clarify documentation and obtain necessary information for accurate coding.
  4. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of coding guidelines and regulations.
  5. Collaborate with other members of the healthcare team to optimize coding processes.

Medical Billing Specialist

Position Summary: As a Medical Billing Specialist, you will be responsible for ensuring accurate and timely billing of patient accounts, as well as following up on unpaid claims to maximize revenue for our organization.

Key Responsibilities for the Medical Billing Specialist:

  1. Verify patient insurance coverage and process claims for reimbursement.
  2. Follow up on unpaid claims and resubmit claims as necessary to ensure timely payment.
  3. Review and appeal denied claims as needed.
  4. Answer patient inquiries regarding billing and insurance coverage.
  5. Maintain up-to-date knowledge of billing regulations and payer requirements.
  6. Collaborate with the coding team to resolve coding-related billing issues.


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