Meditech Consultants

Healthcare IS has several clients offering an extraordinary opportunity to increase your exposure to the Meditech system (both Magic and C/S). Our current opportunities are centered on the clinical end of Meditech, and they have both implementation and support components.

One of the unique characteristics of our clients’ management style is their dedication to cross training. Each member of their clinical team has the chance to work in all of the clinical modules. This is a great opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge of clinical systems!

Specific skill areas that are of the highest need include:

  • Lab: Mostly Magic with a few C/S ITS sites thrown in as well.
  • Rad: Experience working in Radiology
  • PHA: The pharmacy module: BMV is already underway, so you will get to work with it as well.

In addition, if you have a background in these areas (in the lab, radiology, pharmacy, etc.) and have moved into Information Systems, you would be an exceptionally strong candidate. Any clinical Meditech experience is needed. Other areas can include: NUR/PCS, PCI, OE, etc.

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